Whitfield Farm Livery

Planned Development.

Livery Yard
This American Style Barn will be purpose built, well planned and secure. The design of the building will promote a clear air policy reducing the risk of COPD and conditions associated with dust spores and gasses. The building will accommodate 15 horses. Hunt sytle stables will be 12 by 12 or 12 by 14 and will be fitted with top quality Kraiberg matting, providing excellent drainage and eliminating gasses and odours often found in traditionally designed stables. All stables will be fitted with automatic water drinkers; talk grills (allowing horses to communicate) and hay bars to promote natural feeding behaviour. An all weather turnout area is also planned, which will be in a sheltered area at the end of the Livery Building.

The livery building will also include a large treatment room for Veterinary/Farrier visits and clipping etc. An indoor wash bay equipped with hot and cold water, spacious feed room and solarium. A secure fully equipped tack room with individual client lockers, toilet/changing facilities and refreshemnt area will also be provided.

Round Pen
A soft, all weather surface round pen, ideal for lunge work, loose or controlled turnout.

Canter Track
A surfaced canter track will be provided, ideal for blowing away the cobwebs!

Sick Box / Isolation Box / Foaling Box
These boxes will be situated well away from the other horses, with restricted access and private grazing. Complete with rubber matting and heat lamps.